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Service Price List

**prices differ between stylists and salon location

Customized Colors


$150 +

Full Foil Highlight

$110 & up

Partial Foil Highlight

$85 & up

Pannel of foils (top section only)

$35 & up

All over color

$80 & up

Color Retouch (regrowth only)

$65 & up

Hair Gloss semi/demi permanent glaze ~

Clear or tint of color $40.00 & up

(when added onto color service)

Ombre Color

$125 & up

Ombre Hair Color is one of the hottest Hollywood trends. "Ombre" literally means gradation in French, which refers to the gradual fade of color that is used in the technique. Corrective Color

$100 & up

Green Friendly Color Services

+$10 *add to your normal color services

Same great coverage ~ Ammonia free hair color



Women's Designer Services


Customized Hair Cut & Blow Dry Style

$45 & up

Wash and blow-dry style

$30 & up


*prices may vary according to stylist & salon location

Men’s Designer Services

Custom Hair Cut, Wash & Style


Neck line/side burn~ beard trim only


Color or Grey blending


Foil Highlight


Men’s Keratin Relaxer



Formal Occasion Styling

Up-do \ Formal Style

$80& up

Brides ~ $95 & up

Special occasion blow dry styles

$45 & up





Keratin Treatments

Miracle Protein Retexturizer


Conditions, retexturizes overly frizzy hair with out permanently breaking protein bonds leaving no regrowth line. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

*We are proud to announce that Headline Hair Designers is the only Salon that offers this special formula in Connecticut!

Keratin Complex Treatment

$100 & up - blow in treatment

$275 & up - Big guns treatment 

Relaxes between 50 to 90% of curl and up to 95% of frizz. Lasts up to 6 months

Blow Dry Express Keratin Treatment

$90 &up


Special occasion make-up application

$50   +  

$60 +with false lashes

Bridal make-up

$55 & up

Bride ~ $60 &up

Hair Loss Prevention & Scalp Therapy

Did you know that healthy hair can only grow in a healthy scalp environment?  Whether or not you are experiencing hair loss or not it is important to maintain a healthy scalp.  Using our "Head First" hair program trained professionals  can analyze your hair & scalp, come up with a treatment plan and get you in the right direction for a happy, healthy scalp and hair! 

We are proud to say that the products we use are green. Biochemists came up with products rich in natural active ingredients designed for all hair and skin types.  

Call to set up your free consultation with our specialists today!

*Prices may vary between Farmington salon, Hartford salon & preferred stylists

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